Schedule, painter.

Lekim Ibragimov is an artist who has long won the recognition of art criticism and the public with his amazing, unparalleled works in contemporary art.

Honorary titles
Professor, People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

World fame
Participated in solo exhibitions in 45 cities around the world
Guinness record holder
Listed in the Guinness Book of Records. "The world's largest oil painting on canvas by one artist" and "The largest number of angels in one painting"

The poetics of the ancient and medieval art of Central Asia lives in the works of Lekim as a phenomenon of the unity of the past and the present, as a generic memory of artistic consciousness, as a look at the present from the depths of the past. His style is a synthesis of ancient Samarkand paintings, ancient Uyghur Turfan frescoes, oriental miniatures and Matissian traditions of European painting.


Visit the virtual gallery of Lekim Ibragimov to get the experience closest to a “real” visit. Here you can see the artist's paintings, including the mega-canvas “1000 Angels and 1 painting”, as well as learn a little more about the author from interviews, recordings of the creative process.



Anatoly Kantor

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. President of the Critics Association.

"Lekim is an excellent artist. Singing the roots of the ancient culture of Turpan, modern and original. He turns us to the essence of eternity, deeply refracting the foundations of the worldview of the East."

Chingiz Aitmatov


"Dear Lekim! Long time no see, and it would be nice to see your new work. After all, you are an artist of great talent. In my opinion, your paintings synthesize the achievements of the brushes of the East and West."

Friedrich Hitzer

German writer and translator

"Lekim in the eyes of many connoisseurs of fine arts is an exponent of the best traditions of the ancient and modern culture of the peoples of Central Asia."

Ergapiyeva Raikhan

Doctor of Arts

"Lekim - one of the first in our region turned to the artistic heritage, the stylistic and philosophical principle of the culture of the East."