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On June 10, within the framework of the XV meeting of the SCO Youth Council in Tashkent with the support of the National Media Association of Uzbekistan and the Youth Affairs agency of Uzbekistan, the SKYWIN team presented the “First in Central Asia virtual gallery of the Uzbek artist Lekim Ibragimov”, which entered to the world Metaverses. The virtual gallery of Lekim Ibragimov is the first individual gallery of the artist in Central Asia, which is a global scale project and plays a huge role in enhancing the image of Uzbekistan in the international arena. It can be proudly noted that the gallery of the Uzbek artist is the first to break into the world platforms of the Metaverse and the brand of Lekim Ibragimov is one of the first to take its position in the NFT community. The purpose of the project is to show that in the new era you can discover new works of art by a talented artist without leaving one room, feel all the splendor of his work, look into his studio, meet art connoisseurs from all over the world and appreciate NFTs created on the basis of paintings artist. The project is unique , because for the first time in the history of Central Asia, the gallery of an Uzbek artist is represented in the global virtual community on such Metaverses as Decentraland, VRChat and Spatial.